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the Whole Body Research Vitamin C Supplement

The Search For A Solid Vitamin C Supplement

As a diabetic, I haven’t been taking a Vitamin C supplement for the past few years because I have to make sure that any supplements I take are unsweetened and not going to impact my glucose levels. I couldn’t take any of the chewable vitamins because almost all of them contain some kind of sugar or artificial sweetener and a lot of the non-chewable vitamins are massive and not prone to swallowing.

For a while, I had recurring sinus problems that lead to many trips to the physician. My doctor suggested a Vitamin C supplement could help me have fewer sinus infections, so I started doing some research into a good supplement that would work for me.  I found a lot of information about how bad synthetic Vitamin C was for you and how most of it can’t be absorbed and in fact, just passes right through your body when you go to the bathroom. I discovered that natural Vitamin C that comes from food doesn’t do that.

So my next step was to start looking for organic and natural whole food Vitamin C supplements. When you take natural Vitamin C from whole food sources, your body actually absorbs it, unlike synthetic Vitamin C and can actually use it to help your immune system function better. I dug around to find a few natural vitamin C options, and decided to sample all of them to see which one worked best for me.

The Best: Whole Body Research Whole Food Vitamin C

Out of everything I looked at, I found the Whole Body Research Whole Food Vitamin C  to be the highest quality Vitamin C supplement out there. Their Vitamin C comes from 100% natural superfruits, like Acerola Fruit, Maqui Berry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Goji Berry, Raspberry, Cranberry, and Yumberry and has zero artificial filler ingredients, binders, or potentially harmful synthetic materials such as magnesium stearate. It’s also tested by a third party to ensure the highest quality of all of their products.

The product itself worked wonders for me. My sinus problems went away after a couple of weeks, and my glucose levels stayed at a healthy level. I haven’t gotten sick in almost six months since I started taking it, which, as a diabetic, is a superhuman feat. Whole Body Research Whole Food Vitamin C was perfect for me.

I’ve taken some Whole Body Research products in the past like their Krill Oil and Natural Calcium and I can say with some knowledge that they make great products. Plus they’re an American company with a great customer service department. I called them with a question about their Calcium supplement and they were incredibly dedicated to make sure I was satisfied.

If you currently take a Vitamin C supplement, even if you’re not a diabetic, make sure that it is derived from real fruit sources and not synthesized by chemists. Even if you’re not worried about glucose levels like I am, there can still be ingredients in these synthetic supplements that can cause harm to your body. All-natural products like the Whole Body Research Whole Food Vitamin C supplement are great for avoiding some of these negative effects of synthetic ingredients.

If you have been looking for a new Vitamin C supplement, the Whole Body Research Whole Food Vitamin C is an excellent choice and the best one I’ve found so far. If you have any tips or advice or know of a better Vitamin C product, please leave it in the comments below!


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