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Tips Body Research Green Coffee Bean 1800MG

Why is Green Coffee Bean the latest trend?

Green Coffee Bean has become the latest trend in the ever-expanding list of weight loss crazes.

A recent clinical study found that the extract was able to effectively double the rate of weight loss.

Now, there are a lot of companies offering their own Green Coffee Bean supplements so it can be difficult to know which one to trust, who has the best quality supplements, and whose supplement is the most effective.

Last year, Dr. Oz devoted an entire episode of his show to talk about how effective the extract was for weight loss. He even did his own experiment with his studio audience and found that the supplement actually did help people lose weight. Members of his audience lost an average of 2lbs in 2 weeks with the supplement without any changes to their diets or any additional exercise.

We have been reviewing various weight loss supplements for a while and we are always skeptical of new trends or fads in the supplement world, but when we heard that Green Coffee actually worked, we were very interested in trying it out for ourselves.

Whole Body Research Green Coffee Bean 1800MG the best?

Out of every supplement we looked at, we found that the Whole Body Research Green Coffee Bean 1800MG was the most potent green coffee supplement we could find– many other brands we looked at had low concentrations of the active ingredient in green coffee, Chlorogenic Acid, sometimes at levels below 40%! Whole Body Research Green Coffee Bean 1800 has a 50% concentration of Chlorogenic Acid. That was the highest concentration of CGA I could find. Not only that, but the company has a commitment to offering only pure and potent supplements, with zero binders or filler ingredients.

To conduct my review, I took the Whole Body Research Green Coffee for a period of one month without changing my diet or exercise. I wanted to make sure that any weight loss I experienced was due to the Green Coffee and not because of something else. The results were actually quite impressive. While I’ve tried other “fat burners” before, I’ve never used something that seemed to work so fast and so definitively. I could tell it was working. My appetite was suppressed, I felt fuller faster, and after just a week or two I had much less bloating. My clothes feel looser and my face just looks healthier. Some supplements I’ve tried I couldn’t really tell if they were working, but after only a week of using the Whole Body Research Green Coffee, I could tell it was doing its job.

If you’re looking for a weight loss supplement or want to know more about Green Coffee Bean Extract, check out the Whole Body Research website for more information.


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