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Is Codeine a Narcotic? 20 Reasons to Never Use Cough Syrup with Codeine

What Is Codeine? Is Codeine an Opiate?

You might ponder, is codeine an opiate? As an opioid torment reliever, codeine is viewed as an opiate. It's utilized to treat gentle to modestly serious torment and is utilized as a hack suppressant. (2) actually, as per World Wellbeing Association, it's the most broadly utilized opiate on the planet. Codeine was initially found by French scientific expert Pierre Robiquet in 1832. "Codeine" takes its name from the leader of the poppy plant.

Before, opium was gotten from poppies, utilizing tar from sedative poppies to orchestrate codeine, and also morphine and different opioids. The FDA endorsed codeine in 1950. (3) As it turned out to be progressively hard to secure this item because of political distress in Afghanistan, where the greater part of the opiate poppy industry is found, researchers made sense of how to orchestrate codeine from coal tar in 1973. (4, 5)

Albeit considered the "slightest addictive and most secure" of all the endorsed sedative, don't imagine it any other way — codeine is as yet addictive and effectively manhandled. Actually, dependence on codeine brings about withdrawal side effects like different sedatives and as a rule requires proficient restoration. (6)

Opioids tie with the torment receptors in the mind — this is the manner by which they soothe torment side effects — and can drum up some excitement of elation, or a high. A man who mishandle codeine to achieve this high may proceed onward to more grounded, and much more perilous, opioids, including hydrocodone, oxycodone or road drugs like heroin. It's additionally conceivable that a man may mishandle codeine and not know it as it is found in numerous remedy just equations, and some OTC drugs, under an assortment of names, in tablet and fluid frame, (for example, a codeine hack syrup, similar to codeine antitussive) including: (7, 8, 9)

Fioricet with codeine, Phrenillin with caffeine and codeine


Colrex compound

Tylenol with codeine #3, and others

Phenflu Disc

Maxiflu Disc

Florinal with codeine

Soma compound with codeine (for muscle torment)

Empirin with codeine

Nalex Air conditioning

M-End PE, Poly-Tussin Air conditioning

Damage cof BP (likewise contains pseudoephedrine)





Codeine versus Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is another ordinarily endorsed opioid used to treat torment. While codeine is utilized for mellow to direct torment, hydrocodone is more intense and is endorsed for more extreme agony. Both codeine and hydrocodone are accessible in prompt discharge tablets; be that as it may, hydrocodone in this frame must be brought with acetaminophen. Notwithstanding quick discharge, hydrocodone is accessible in expanded discharge tablets. A hydrocodone amplified discharge tablet is successful without anyone else's input — it doesn't require bringing acetaminophen with it. Both codeine and hydrocodone cause reactions.

Since they are both opioids, hydrocodone and codeine are both exceptionally successful at alleviating torment. In any case, they are solid medications and can be addictive. Try not to impart your solution codeine or hydrocodone to another person. Take after your specialist's directions precisely as there is potential for overdose and manhandle, particularly with hydrocodone.

Long haul utilization of either medication can bring about reliance, which implies you may encounter transitory withdrawal side effects on the off chance that you quit taking these pharmaceuticals. The symptoms of codeine are the same as different sedatives and are more grounded in kids. Try not to give stretched out discharge hydrocodone to youngsters, as it can be deadly. Ensure your physician endorsed solutions are put away and secured a bureau that kids can't reach. (10, 11)

20 Motivations to Never Utilize Codeine, Including Symptoms

The rundown of reactions codeine causes is long, going from less serious to extreme, regular to uncommon. Remember this — is it worth taking a drug like codeine on the off chance that it can make anything from extreme clogging enslavement, or perhaps even overdose and passing?

Simply consider your decision carefully before you or a friend or family member takes this physician endorsed medicate. The following are only a couple of the many symptoms that may happen from taking codeine, and additionally some different motivations to avoid it: (12)

Some normal reactions of codeine:

1. Sleepiness

2. Deficient or rare defecations (blockage)

3. Inciting of a casual state (elation)

4. Stomach issues

Some rare symptoms of codeine:

5. Diminished lung work

6. Inconvenience relaxing

7. Dry mouth

8. Exorbitant sweating

9. Hives

10. Tingling

Some uncommon reactions of codeine:

11. Adrenal organ issues

12. Finish ceasing of the heart

13. Seizures

14. Stun

15. Looseness of the bowels

16. Overdose: Call 911 or get crisis help promptly if any overdose side effects happen, including the accompanying: (13)

Pale blue lips or skin

Change in cognizance

Trunk torment or inconvenience

Loss of cognizance

No circulatory strain or heartbeat

Serious languor

Moderate or sporadic pulse

17. Medicate associations: 819 medications (4882 brand and non specific names) are known to communicate with codeine. Of these there are: (14)

206 noteworthy collaborations (1210 brand and non specific names)

610 direct communications (3664 brand and bland names)

3 minor connections (8 brand and nonexclusive names)

18. Liquor collaboration: Consolidating liquor with codeine can prompt sleepiness, tipsiness, dazedness and, in extreme cases, unconsciousness or passing. (15)

19. Sickness communications: There are 16 known infection connections with codeine, including: (16)

Liver sickness

Renal brokenness

Hypotension (low pulse)

Intracranial weight

Respiratory sorrow

20. Hazardous to utilize while pregnant or breastfeeding (17)

Better Common Choices for Sore Throat and Agony Alleviation

In case you're in agony or you have a sore throat, you might think about whether there are any characteristic torment help alternatives. Fortunately, the appropriate response is yes. Perused on underneath for a rundown of only a couple of the numerous normal torment help cures you can attempt:

Torment alleviation:

Cayenne pepper

Fundamental oils

Epsom salt

Self myofascial discharge

Bone stock

Graston strategy ®

Dry needling and needle therapy

Rolfing ®

Sore throat alleviation:

Crude nectar

Bone stock


Appropriate hydration

Vitamin C


Licorice root

Colloidal silver



Satisfactory rest

Basic oils

Last Musings

The FDA cautions that codeine ought not be utilized for torment or hack in kids under 12 years of age.

Codeine is an opioid torment reliever. It's utilized to treat mellow to respectably serious torment and is utilized as a hack suppressant.

Is codeine an opiate? Yes, it's the most generally utilized opiate on the planet and can be addictive and can prompt overdose or demise if manhandled.

On the off chance that you should utilize codeine, take after your specialist's guidelines deliberately and don't impart your pharmaceutical to others.

Keep meds in a bolted bureau that kids can't reach.

There are numerous normal agony relievers accessible for torment and sore throat help.

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