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30 Ways To Improve 40 Must-have Foods For 40-year-old Bodies

If there’s one setback to turning 40, it’s the on the way out metabolism. Alas, you can’t inhale double bacon cheeseburgers like the metabolic champ you were in childhood. But fear not: you can still guzzle food so long as it’s the right stuff. We’re talking sweet potatoes, mushrooms, grass-fed beef, and quorn? (Yes, that’s a real thing.) There are plenty of foods on the market that will make you a healthier and ultimately, happier—human being. So understand on, and learn the 40 best culinary bone builders, immunity boosters, muscle enhancers, and inflammation fighters on the shelves to amplify your diet with. And for more ways to improve your life, check out the 100 ways to be the healthiest individual you can be.

High in protein and low in fat, the sweet flesh of the ruler crab is spiked with zinc–a whopping 7 milligrams per 3.5-ounce serving. “Zinc is an antioxidant, but more key, it helps support healthy bone mass and immune function,” says Susan Bowerman, assistant director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California at Los Angeles. “Several studies have linked adequate zinc intake to increased resistance and decreased incidences of respiratory infection.” And you can reap all these benefits by swapping one of your broadsheet fish meals for a six-ounce serving of crab.

Also branded as prunes, these dark shrivelers are rich in copper and boron, both of which can help prevent osteoporosis. “They also contain a fiber called inulin, which, when broken down by intestinal bacteria, makes for a more acidic location in the digestive tract,” says Bowerman. “That, in turn, facilitates calcium absorption.” Enjoy four or five a day to strengthen your bones and enhance your energy. And for another great way to get energy, check out the best way to triumph over your mid-afternoon slump.

This crispy cruciferous vegetable is more than the stuffing that goes with shrimp in brown sauce. “Bok choy is rich in bone-building calcium, as well as vitamins A and C, folic acid, iron, beta-carotene, and potassium,” says celebrity trainer Teddy Bass. Potassium keeps your muscles and worry in check while lowering your blood pressure, and research suggests that beta-carotene can reduce the risk of both lung and bladder cancers, as well as macular degeneration. injure for a cup a day.

Shellfish, in universal, is an excellent source of zinc, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, potassium, and selenium. “But the creamy flesh of oysters stands apart for its ability to elevate testosterone levels and protect against prostate cancer,” says Bass. “They aren’t a food most people will eat regularly, but getting five into your diet double a week will make your weekends more fun.” As a bonus, oysters are one of 20 foods that are proven to have anti-aging payback.

athlete and performers are familiar with the calming effect of bananas–a result of the fruit’s high concentration of tryptophan, a building block of serotonin. But their real benefit comes from potassium, an electrolyte that helps prevent the loss of calcium from the body. “Bananas also bolster the nervous system, boost immune meaning, and help the body metabolize protein,” says Bass. “One banana packs a day’s worth of potassium, and its carbohydrate content speed recovery after demanding exercise.” crazy are also one of 10 healthy carbs that won’t derail your six pack.

Like bananas, this fuzzy fruit is high in bone-protecting potassium. “They’re also rich in vitamin C and lutein, a carotenoid that can help reduce the risk of heart disease,” says Bowerman. “I try to eat at least one or two a week after exercising.” freeze up them for a refreshing energy kick, but don’t peel the skin: It’s edible and full to capacity with nutrients.

Our president’s dad may hate this cruciferous all-star, but one cup of broccoli contains a hearty dose of calcium, as well as manganese, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. And that’s in addition to its high concentration of vitamins–including A, C, and K–and the phytonutrient sulforaphane, which studies at Johns Hopkins University suggest has powerful anticancer properties. “One cup a day will do the trick,” says Bowerman. Try cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts, or cabbage for variation, as all have many of the same dietary qualities. “Broccoli may also help reduce excess estrogen levels in the body, thanks to its indole 3-carbinol content,” says celebrity trainer Gunnar Petersen. Also, broccoli is one of the 10 foods vegetarian eat to maintain force mass.

A notorious muscle builder, spinach is also rich in vitamin K, which has been exposed to bolster bone-mineral density (thus protecting against osteoporosis) and reduce fracture rates. Spinach is also high in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and even selenium, which may help keep the liver and ward off Alzheimer’s. One more grounds to add it to your diet: A study in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that the carotenoid neoxanthin in spinach can kill prostate cancer cells, while the beta-carotene fights colon cancer. “Popeye was on to something,” says Bowerman. “Eat one cup of cooked spinach, or two cups raw, four times a week.” Spinach has an added bonus: Eating it is one of 10 habits to slash your stress without exercise.

These scallion like cousins of garlic and onions are packed with bone-bolstering thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, and potassium. Leeks are also rich in folic acid, a B vitamin that studies have shown to lower levels of the artery-damaging amino acid homocystein in the blood. What’s more, “Leeks can support sexual functioning and reduce the risk of prostate cancer,” says Michael Dansinger, MD, an assistant professor of medicine and an obesity examiner at Tufts–New England Medical Center, in Boston. “Chop the green part of a middling leek into thin decorations and add it to soups, sautĂ©s, and salads as often as possible.”

Lauded for centuries as an aphrodisiac, this fiber-rich plant contain more bone-building magnesium and potassium than any other vegetable. Its leaves are also rich in flavonoids and polyphenols–antioxidants that can cut the risk of stroke–and vitamin C, which helps maintain the immune system. “Eat them as often as you can,” says Bowe man. Ripe ones feel heavy for their size and whine when squeeze.

study show that green tea–infused with the antioxidant EGCG–reduces the risk of most types of cancer. “The phytonutrients in tea also support the growth of intestinal bacteria,” says Bowerman. “Specifically, they inhibit the growth of bad bacteria–E. coli, Clostridium, Salmonella–and leave the helpful bacteria untouched.” Why is this important? “Because up to 70 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive tract,” says Bowerman. “Four cups a day will keep it functioning at its peak.” Swapping lime tea in for coffee is also one of 10 ways to painlessly upgrade your diet.

“Chilis stimulate the metabolism, act as a natural blood thinner, and help discharge endorphins,” says Petersen. Plus, they’re a great way to add flavor to food without increasing fat or calorie content. Chilis are also rich in beta-carotene, which turns into vitamin A in the blood and fights infection, as well as capsaicin, which inhibits neuropeptides (chemicals that cause inflammation). A recent study in the journal Cancer Research found that hot peppers even have anti-prostate-cancer properties. All this from half a chili pepper (or one tablespoon of chili flakes) every day. Eating chili peppers, by the way, is one of 10 ways to keep your penis strong forever.

Contrary to popular belief, ginger–a piquant totaling to so many Asian dishes–isn’t a root, it’s a stem, which means it contains living compounds that improve your health. Chief among them is gingerol, a cancer suppressor that studies have exposed to be particularly effective against that of the colon. Chop ginger or grind it fresh and add it to soy-marinated fish or chicken as often as you can. The supplementary you can handle, the better.

“This compelling little fruit can help prevent a range of disease from cancer to heart disease,” says Ryan Andrews, the director of research at Precision Nutrition, in Toronto, Canada. One serving (3.5 ounces) contains more antioxidants than any other fruit. Drizzle with lemon juice and mix with strawberries for a disease-fighting super snack. Also, blueberries are one of 7 food that will supercharge your libido.

Known for manufacture desserts sweet and Indian food complex, cinnamon is rich in antioxidants that inhibit blood clotting and bacterial growth (including the bad-breath variety). “Studies also suggest that it may help stabilize blood sugar, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes,” says dietitian Nancy Clark, author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook. “What’s more, it may help cut bad cholesterol. Try half a teaspoon a day in yogurt or oatmeal.”

Often perplexed with yams, this tuber is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. In addition to countering the effects of secondhand smoke and preventing diabetes, sweet potatoes contain glutathione, an antioxidant that can augment nutrient metabolism and immune-system health, as well as protect against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, liver disease, cystic fibrosis, HIV, cancer, heart attack, and stroke. “One sweet potato a day is a great alternative to the usual variety,” says Clark. Now, check out the 20 ways to avoid in receipt of sick at work.

“I think of tomatoes as the ‘fighting herpes helper’ for the divorcĂ© crowd,” says Petersen. Their lycopene content can also help protect against degenerative diseases. “fit for human consumption tomatoes and tomato paste work best,” he says. Shoot for half a tomato, or 12 to 20 ounces of tomato juice, a day.

Packed with potassium, manganese, and antioxidants, this fruit also helps support suitable pH levels in the body, construction it more difficult for pathogens to invade, says Petersen. Plus, the fiber in figs can lower insulin and blood-sugar levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Select figs with dark skins (they contain more nutrients) and eat them alone or add them to trail mix. Newman’s Own fig newtons are also a quick and easy way to boost the protected system. Aim for four figs per week. As an added bonus, figs are a great way to instantaneously upgrade your vodka-drinking.

scrumptious when added to brown rice or quinoa, reiki, shiitake, or maitake mushrooms are rich in the antioxidant ergothioneine, which protect cells from abnormal growth and imitation. “In short, they reduce the risk of cancer,” says Bowerman, who recommends half a cup once or twice a week. “Cooking them in red wine, which contains the antioxidant resveratrol, magnifies their immunity-boosting power.” No wonder eating mushroom is on our list of the 6 best ways to bulletproof your protected system.

The juice from the biblical fruit of many seeds can diminish your risk of most cancers, thanks to polyphenols called ellagitannins, which give the crop its color. In fact, a recent study at UCLA found that pomegranate juice slows the growth of prostate melanoma cells by a factor of six. “Drink a cup a day,” says Bower man.


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