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Best places in Delhi to satiate your masala-dosa cravings wiki

It doesn't matter whether you're North Indian or South Indian, lacto-vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you just can't say no to a crunchy dosa. And if that dosa is distended with spicy masalas, we're sure you'll be drool before you even get a plate of this dish.

Just a whiff of masala dosa is enough to get our heart soaring, especially during monsoons, when our need to indulge in some flavour and crunch grow even more. And when it comes to the most excellent plates of masala dosa, with a side of sambhar and chutneys, Delhi has its fair share of places to go to.

Here are some of our top picks. You be supposed to just head out to these restaurant spread across Delhi, and get a good belly-full of dosas.

1. Saravana Bhawan

There are a numeral of places in Delhi that serve authentic South Indian food, but not one comes close to the fare at Saravana Bhawan. It's no wonder then that the eating place in Connaught Place has some of the best masala dosas on offer.

With nine dissimilar kinds of dosa on their menu, you'll be spoiled for choice. Their Ghee Roast Masala Dosai and Rava Masala Dosai are to die for!

2. Naivedyam

The traditional, Karnata-style cooking at Naivedyam has always pull foodies to Hauz Khas Village. And if you have masala dosa on your mind, then Naivedyam is going to give you the whole thing you want.

Naivedyam serves masala dosas from Udupi, Erulli, Mysore, Tangam and Thengai in Karnataka. Seven rice-based masala dosa, nine rava-based masala dosa, and you be acquainted with your taste buds will be satiated like never before. Need we say more?

3. Karnataka Food Centre

This little KFC in RK Puram will cover your enjoyment with so much masala dosa, that you'll forget all about the other KFC! Karnataka Food Centre strength just be a small cafe, but it serve some of the most delicious tableware of masala dosa and filter coffee in the city.

Their Ghee Masala Dosa and Paneer Masala Dosa will take you to foodstuff heaven, and you wouldn't want to come back downward to earth ever again!

4. The Masala Trail

Yes, this Janpath eating place is relatively new, and is definitely not run by a seasoned South Indian chef. But Masala Trail does add a dash of genuineness with well-presented flavours from across the country.

They have immediately five masala dosa varieties on their menu, but they work hard to nail each of them. And, you'll get a kind of masala dosa here that's just not served in another position in Delhi--the Ginni Dosa, which is a rare mix of cheese and South Indian flavours!


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