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Best Tips Earthen Pot Water Still be Safe to Drink

People love to put away water with lots of ice in the summer period, since the cold water helps in quenching the thirst. On overwhelming this type of chilled water can only offer temporary relief from thirst and its expenditure is not good for health. Whereas, water store in the stone pot is one of the most valuable ways of overriding water during summer season with gigantic health payback, but, the modern generation tends to ignore it and like to consume only cooled chilled water which negatively affect the human health. hose down stored in earthen pot is improved than the water store in any other vessel made up of steel, glass and plastic. 

These stone pots contain small pores through which water seeps and gets evaporated and eventually cool down the water stored in it.  It is highly dangerous to consume package drinking water after being exposed to the sun because we all are unaware of the fact that how long the water bottles are set in the packaged form. Dioxin and BPA (Bisphenol A) are the most common chemical which are found in plastics that leach from the plastic bottle into the water and make the stored water unfit for consumption and these are the poisonous chemicals which are found in cancerous tissues. On the other hand stone pot does not release any harmful chemicals, whereas, water stored in it helps to boost our metabolism without any side effects. clay pots are cheap, cost effective and easily affordable by the common man thus; this raises the potter’s proceeds as selling potteries are the only source of proceeds for them.

Earthen pot hose down testing

Benefits of stone Pot Water-

Due to the alkaline nature of clay it interacts with the tartness of water, thereby provides relief from gastronomic pains by maintain the proper pH.
It helps to maintain the level of testosterone hormone in the human body.
It is pleasant and gentle on the throat thus, reduces sickness.
It balances the hormone level in the body.
destructive Effects of Refrigerated/Chilled Water-

consumption ice cold water can slow down the digest process.
It shrinks the blood vessels and reduces the heart rate.
It slows down the nutritional capacity.
It is responsible for growing body weight.
Therefore, stop uncontrollable ice cold water and consume only ordinary water to stay healthy.

Spectro Analytical Labs have fully qualified facilities for testing water quality that contain various chemicals and pollutants. It also provide training and assistance in this regard.

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