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Best Tips Weights Exercises for Flexor Carpi Ulnaris

The flexor carpi ulnaris is one of the muscles that make up your forearm. Your forearm machinery in juxtaposition with other upper-body muscles as you perform activities that engross gripping, lifting, pushing and pulling. For example, your forearms work in conjunction with your biceps and upper back when you bend over to pick up a heavy object from the floor or when the theater pullups. Free-weight exercises for the flexor Carpi unarms strengthen your wrists and pick up your grip.

Forearm Anatomy

The flexor carpi ulnaris originates in the bottom end of the humerus, or high arm bone, administration along the outside of the forearm to introduce into the base of the fifth metacarpal, or finger bone. The flexor carpi ulnaris flexes your hand at the wrist, bringing your palm toward your forearm, and adducts, or bends your wrist apparent. Free-weight workout that mimic these proceedings work your flexor carpi ulnaris.

Sit and Curl

Barbell wrist curls object your inner forearms, or wrist flexors. These consist of the flexor carpi ulnaris. Sit on a bench and take hold of a barbell with an underhand shoulder-width grip. Rest your forearms on your thighs with the back of your hands lynching over your knees. Loosen your grip and allow the barbell to roll down to your finger as the back of your hands drop toward your knees. Tighten your grip and raise the barbell by flexing your wrists and raising your knuckles as far above the ground as you can. To work each arm independently, perform the do exercises with a pair of dumbbells. Use light weights that permit you to do 15 to 20 reps.

There are few free-weight movements that involve bending your wrist outward to target your flexor carpi ulnaris. One such exercise is the dumbbell ulnar deviation. With your upper limb hanging down by your side, grasp a dumbbell with your thumb pushed against the inside of one of the weight plates. Bend your wrist, moving your little finger toward your external forearm. Use a burden that allows you to do 15 to 20 repetition.

Reverse Curls and preservative strength

The flexor carpi ulnaris helps to stabilize your prod joint. Barbell reverse curls chiefly target the brachioradalis, or upper forearm, with the flexor carpi ulnaris kicking in as stabilizers. To do reverse curls, stand and grasp a barbell with a shoulder-width overhand grip. With your elbows tight to your side, curl the barbell aloft until your forearms are vertical. Use a pair of dumbbells to work each arm unilaterally.

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