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Best Top Natural Sweeteners Better Than Sugar Boost Health

1. Zero Calorie Stevia

Stevia comes from Stevia Rebaudiana and at times is referred to as ‘Candyleaf’ for good quality reason! Stevia happens to be the best replacement for sugar and top sweeteners.

For one, it has no calories and second it is much sweeter thanTop 4 Natural Sweeteners Better Than Sugar |Boost Health sugar, studies say about 200 times sweeter than darling!

It is native to South America and has been broadly used as sweeteners there.

But the surprising fact is that Japan is the largest user and consumer of Stevia. In fact, a Japanese company was the first to create a profitable sweetener out of Stevia.

Stevia laden food does not lead to a spike on Blood sugar or Blood heaviness levels.

Stevia has had its own fight and struggle with food powers that be around the world were in the past it was banned owing to incomplete and deficient data available.

But well all that is in the past, since then a numeral of countries and major potion companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have embraced Stevia for its low-calorie belongings.

2. Hey Honey

Honey is good for you and in so many ways! It contains fructose, which is easier to digest and is absorbed Top 4 Natural Sweeteners Better Than Sugar Boost Healthfar more quickly as compared to Glucose.

It is anti-bacterial in nature and thus provides relief if you are suffering from a throat infection. Honey is also known to improve the protection of your body by uncomfortable free radicals from the body.

This is one sweetener, which provides its reimbursement on submission as well!

Honey is considered a great moisturizer which does not make your oily skin and discourage acne and pimples. It gives your skin a taut and supple look by diminishing light wrinkles on regular application.

It has anti-inflammatory property that help in faster healing and soothing cuts and ulcers.

3. Sugar Alcohol

Heard about Sugar-less chew gums that claim to be good for your teeth as well health?

Well, the new breed of chewing gums is replace sugar with a sugar alcohol like Erythritol,Top 4 Natural Sweeteners Better Than Sugar |Boost Health Xylitol and Malitol. These ingredients taste like sugar but do not have that kind of calories. They also do not raise blood sugar level because they convert glucose very little by little.

Amongst the Sugar Alcohol, Erythritol needs a special mention because it does not contain any calories! These sugar alcohols do not need a lot of insulin for metabolizing which makes them really easy to digest.

Studies also indicate that Xylitol and Erythritol are anti-oxidant in nature, do not have carcinogenic property and help in fighting free radicals.

These alcohols are not as sweet as sugar, in fact, they are only about 70-80% sweet as compared to Sugar. At times, they are used with additives which take off the healthy periphery they have over sugar.

4. Maple Syrup

The good old maple syrup it seems is not only great to taste but is positively healthier than your average spoonful of sugar. So now you have excuses beyond flavoring pancakes to experience a little more ofTop 4 Natural Sweeteners Better Than Sugar Boost Health this luscious syrup.

But we would be quick to warn you that pure maple syrup is a little difficult to come by.

We suggest you always check the ingredients while buying it and yes, it does come with an luxurious price tag when compare to the old sweet enemy Sugar.

Maple Syrup is a strong anti-oxidant which fights free radical, slows down the process of aging and is considered anti-Cancer as well.

Just like honey, Maple Syrup can be used in face packs to augment their potency. This sweet delight is also believed to prevent bloating and indigestion which your usual processed sugar does. The high amount of zinc in maple syrup helps in combating the symptoms of frosty as well.

So, here are our picks of in good physical shape sweeteners that can replace the conventional sugar any day. These replacements are not only healthy but also taste good. In fact, they carry a distinct and desirable flavor of their own.

Particularly if you are on a special dietary administration or a weight loss spree we counsel them strongly. But like we always say, if you do suffer from some condition or condition, do check with your medical doctor before you formulate this change.

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