Best Ways To Lose Weight Without Diet Or Exercise

It’s quite tricky to follow a diet or workout routine. But with smaller lifestyle changes like eating from a red plate, enjoying mealtime, drinking emerald tea can help to be unable to find weight.

These small changes are found more successful as they stimulate the body to burn overload fat to use as energy and lower calorie need.

Here are the top 27 ways to lose weight that are precisely proven. Follow these for a week and you will notice the change.

1. Eat Plenty of Protein To Burn Calories And poise Hormones

If you are considering weight loss then you should give priority to include nutrients rich foods. You don’t need to follow any strict diet to eat well. high protein foods help to lose weight

Among those nutrients, protein is known for its weight loss ability. It has the ability to suppress appetite preventing you from eating extra calories. It increases the feeling of tastiness and reduces hunger that cut the calorie intake.

You need to take spare effort to control your calorie intake, one of the dangerous task while following weight loss diet.

Protein brings hormonal change that reduce the level of hunger. Higher protein intake increase the production appetite suppressing hormones like GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin, while it lowers the level of ghrelin hunger hormone.
High carbs or fat intake don’t have similar personal property like high protein intake.

A study found that natives eating high protein in the diet have junior calorie intake without calculatedly restricting it. (5)

Protein is also known for it low calorie releasing and high calorie intense nutrients. To break protein into amino acids, body consume a high amount of calories. Breaking protein is a slow process that helps to release energy for a longer time compare to carbs or fats. (6)

What are you planning for?

If you want to lose heaviness then start adding protein rich food in every meal to get more assistance from it. With high-protein in every meal, calorie consumption will also decrease without noticing it.

Wrap up: Protein has higher potential to help in losing weight. It naturally decrease appetite and increase calorie consumption devoid of taking any extra effort.

2. Eat Fiber-Rich Foods To Burn Calorie and Prevent Craving

Eat Fiber-Rich Foods To Burn Calorie and Prevent longing

Calorie as well as is quite a usual task for people trying to lose weight. Counting calorie is the biggest headache for every dieter, as it is a dreary and repeated task.

If you want to get rid it then there is an additional nutrient for you.

It’s “Fiber” that can help you to lose influence without extra effort and ever noticing it.

Fiber can amplify satiety level, helping feel fuller for longer.

There are two types of fiber: Insoluble and Soluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber is a bulking weight organization agent. It is found to keep satiety level that reduces hunger pangs that lower the calorie intake.

Soluble fiber (viscous fiber) has powerful effects on health and influence loss. It forms a gel when it comes in make contact with with water. This gel-like core takes time to absorb nutrients and it slows the emptying of the stomach. (7)

It can help to lower the calorie in every meal as it adds bulk, lowering the food intake. Fiber doesn’t provide calorie while body burn calories to break it down. So it’s a win-win moment for people planning to lower calorie intake and increase calorie consumption.

Soluble fiber also pedals the health and population of healthy gut bacteria. These bacteria play important role in many aspects of health, blood sugar level, protection, weight management, brain function and metabolic health. (8, 9, 10)

Warning: To lose weight quickly, don’t swiftly increase intake of fiber as it can lead to abdominal discomfort, cramps or diarrhea. Increase it steadily and also augment your water intake.

Wrap up: After protein, fiber is the next vital nutrient for weight loss. It boost metabolism that burn calories and lower the calorie intake. To get most promote, include fiber in your every meal.

3. Increase Veggies Serving In Your Meal To lessen Calorie Intake

growing veggies in meal seem similar to addition fiber.Increase Veggies Serving In Your Meal To Reduce Calorie Intake

But it can’t be mistreated as today’s meal lack the most important goods in their meal and it’s veggies.

For a healthy diet, one-quarter of a meal be supposed to be veggies that balance fiber, vitamin, and minerals intake. If you don’t include more veggies then you might include carbs. (11)

Increasing veggies intake will lower the calorie intake and it keeps fuller for long.

Wrap up: Fiber is most imperative nutrient for weight loss so its obligatory to include high fiber rich veggies. Include small portion of veggies in every meal to boost the weight loss process.

4. Chew Slowly Make You Feel Full By Eating Less

a further trick that you can play with you mind; eat a reduced amount of and feel fuller… Chew Slowly make you Feel Full By Eating Les

The brain takes 20 transcript to signal that stomach is full. A study found that people eating slowly for a longer time felt fuller even after eating a smaller portion. (12, 13)

Chewing food decline the food intake, control calorie, fullness feeling after eating a small portion and increases absorption of nutrients.

It was found that obese people usually eat fast that increase their calorie intake.

With this, there are many discussion to chew 32 times for its effectiveness. But it’s not possible to count 32 to gulp down a bite of food.

The choice is your, whether you fancy to eat slowly or count it to 32. But do like your meal every time you eat and enjoy its taste.

Wrap up: Chew food for longer and trick your brain, the feeling of completeness.

5. Use Smaller Plates For injurious Foods To Prevent Overeating

Eating unhealthy food that are rich in calories is the biggest obstacle while losing weight or maintaining in less important plate to eat less calorie to quick load loss

But there is a solution for it…

You can eat it and even drop weight. Just eat in a small dish.

Switching from your conventional large plate to the smaller plate can also trick your brain to eat less.

It is found that people eating in large plate eat more calorie. People habitually serve food as per their plate size. Calorie intake depends on plate size. (14, 15)

Switching to the smaller plate will decline their portion without even noticing it.

While serving people prefer to fill the plate with food without creation any second thought about the portion. It’s quite dangerous to make choice every time we eat. But smaller plate will do the trick without trying it.

Don’t try hard to make any changes, wish a better option instead.

Wrap up: To be in charge of portion and lower calorie intake just switch to smaller plate.

6. Store bad for you Foods Out of Sight To Prevent Craving

One of the mistake that populace make in keeping their unhealthy food at their sight. It makes them hungry and craves for those foods.Store injurious Foods Out of Sight To Prevent Craving

People are more prone eat high-calorie foods when they are at their sight and easily available. Keeping at their sight reminds of eating such foods.

To avoid such things it’s better to store such food away in cupboards or kitchen shelf where you will be less like to see.

Same things can be done with your fridge, keep healthy in front and unhealthy behind it. You should also put healthy foods like fruits and nuts nearby by you.

Wrap up: Storing bad for you foods out of sight can reduce unwanted craving to such foods. While keeping healthy foods at your spectacle will remind about well eating.

7. Drink adequate Water and Stay Hydrated To Lose Weight

Our body is mostly comprised of water. Its optimum functions depend on the hydration level. If you are hydrated more calories are burned, metabolism stays high, continuous flow of energy and much more.drink water to lose influence fast

It’s suggested to drink 2-4 liters of water daily. Staying hydrated is the most crucial for losing weight.

In all, a proper function of the body depends on the hydration. Do drink water habitually to avoid any disturbance in normal implementation.

Studies have confirmed that to lose weight or to keep health you need to drink water regularly.

In a study, adult resting energy expenses increased by 24-30% after drinking water for 60 minutes. (16, 17)

There was an increase in resting vigor expenditure by 25% in obese children drinking cold water. (18)

To burn extra calories try cold water. Body burn more calories to warm water to body hotness.

As water don’t have any calories, you can drink it anytime. when on earth you fell thirsty, drink a glass of water than trying sugar encumbered drinks.

Wrap up: Staying hydrated is the best things that you can adopt. It will boost energy level and metabolism that in guilty for weight loss. While choosing cold water can burn extra calories.

8. Drink A Glass of Water Before Meal To Reduce Calorie Intake

As said earlier staying hydrated can help to lose weight, consumption water before a meal can also do the same.

Some populace claim that drinking hose before meal lowers their appetite.

Even studies have found that consumption water before a meal increase weight loss. Participants lost 44% more weight compared to who didn’t drink water before the meal. It was also found, they consumed fewer calories that helped to lose weight. (19, 20 21).

Drinking water before meal help to lose weight as it reduces the calorie using up. Another reason to drink water before a meal is to put off consumption when you aren’t hungry.

Many times you feel thirst and food shortage pangs. You might not be able to recognize between the two, so drink a sip of water to check.

If you still feel starvation then go for the meal.

Wrap up: Drinking water before meal can lower your appetite and avert excess calorie intake. Drinking a sip or water won’t do any bad to health, it just keep your calorie in control.

9. Eat Without Electronic Distractions

Eating while you are watching TV or while using any electronics gadget can increase your calorie intake. You will not be able to track your piece or calorie intake.

Distraction while eating food can increase the food intake by 10%. While it also affects how many calories you intake throughout the day. (22)

Using an electronic device can significantly affect your calorie intake and weight loss for a lifetime.  Minimize or avoid it while you are eating.

Wrap up: Stop eating meal while watching TV or using electronic gadgets. It can amplify you food intake as you might not be able to track it.

10. Sleep Well To Prevent Body’s Natural Sleep Cycle

Sleep Well To Prevent Body's Natural Sleep Cy

According to studies, it is found so as to most of the people just get 6 hours of sleep. Being deprived of sleep is found to the major cause of mass gain.

Sleep is like nutrition, our body necessitate at least 7-8 hours of sleep to stay healthy and to make a smarter choice.

Being disadvantaged of sleep can bring hormonal changes that promote weight gain. Lack of sleep can increase the ghrelin (hunger hormone) and lower the leptin (fullness hormone).

With changes in hormones, you can’t control your hunger. throughout these time, you will feed extra foods and calorie that you might not want.

A study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people deprived of sleep ate calorie dense foods after dinner in form of late night snacking. throughout this time, people pick calorie and fat dense foods. (23)

The same things recur the next day. Sleep deprived people choose high carbs foods as they can’t resist the craving.

University of Chicago researchers found that permanent lack of sleep for 4 day can do more harm. It affects the insulin balance, a hormone that converts sugar, starch, and foods into energy. It causes insulin sensitivity so body don’t behave properly, ends up storing fats from the bloodstream as it’s not able to progression it. (24, 25)

It also disturbs metabolism that prevents weight gain.

Less sleep can show the way to weight gain in many ways. If you want to stay healthy and even want to lose weight then you can take 7-8 hours deep sleep.

While sleeping can be the easiest task for losing weight on the list.

Wrap up: uproar in sleep pattern can change hormonal movement that plays important role in weight loss. Hormonal changes can bring lot more problems and weight loss a tough journey. Get a healthy 7-8 hours sleep and you will tackle the problem with ease.

11. Avoid Stress To Make Better Food Choices

Instead of subsequent many healthy routines it’s found that you gain weight. You might be planning to follow a clean eating habit and do corporeal activity, but was not able to follow it.stress is major resaon for weight gain

The culprit may be, stress.

Stress can change emotional behavior making you eat calorie dense food and you might hate any form of physical activity.

Stress can lower your desire for food at first but with long term “chronic stress”, it can increase your hunger. You will eat more and even high carbs and fat rich foods.

Stress increase Cortisol hormone that turns overeat a habit. With high cortisol hormone, insulin level drops lowering blood sugar level that increases sugar cravings. (26)

Eating fatty and sugary food during stress, body releases a chemical that has a calming effect.

One of the best weight loss advice is, avoid stress and stay happy. Never eat foodstuff when you are stressed enough. Go for a walk, take few deep relaxing breath and increase veggies portion in your meal (to balance calorie intake and stop overeating).

Wrap up: constant worry has a wider effect on wellbeing and weight loss. It lower the efficiency to make a better alternative of foods.

12. abolish Sugary Drinks To Cut Unwanted Calories

If you want to lose weight then you have to do your body a favor.high calorie drink ruin weight hammering

Stop consumption sugar loaded drinks!

Sugar loaded aren’t filling like solid foods and don’t even add any nutritional value. They are just loaded with calories that are addictive.

Carbonated food and drink can blot gastrointestinal tract that can disturb digestion slowing down the weight loss.

If you are planning to go for Diet soda, you might risk in gaining extra weight. Many studies have found that drinking sugar weighted down soda or diet soda signal brain for extra food.

A study by the University of Texas Health Science midpoint at San Antonio found that diet soda can lead to 41 percent weight gain. (27)

If you planning to skip soda for fruit juice then you should also stay away from it. Fruit juice is not good for weight loss as it has high meditation of sugar.

You can go for water or green tea as an unusual.

Wrap up: Sugar weighed down or diet soda can augment craving for food leading to gain extra weight. Soda or fruit juice are loaded with sugar that slow down fat loss. You should choose for alternatives like water or green tea as they are in good physical shape and doesn’t contains calories.

13. Serve detrimental Food on Red Plates To Trick Brain

Unhealthy snacks loaded with calories and fat are high addictive. To lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, you be supposed to quit it or eat less.Serve bad for you Food on Red Plates To Trick Brain

If you planning to eat less unhealthy foods then serve it on a red plate. The red color is like warning signal for the brain that may be a rationale for eating less.

A study found that people ate less in red plate compare to blue and white plates. (28)

Wrap up: Next time when you wish to eat damaging food, serve it in red plates.

14. Substitute Junk for Healthy To have the benefit of Eating To Lose Weight

Healthy pizza with added veggies

Eating healthy foods every time is quite boring. It may taste like leaves or dirt when compared to the taste of junk food. If you feel strong food boring then you should make a healthier substitute for junk foods.

List of healthier alternatives for junk foods are:

Potato chips: Kale or other veggies chips
Fries: Instead of burning up bake them in coconut oil
Mac and cheese: Add butternut compress instead of elbow macaroni
Candy: Try frozen grapes, watermelon or supplementary fruits
Pizza: Make it at home with added swell, eggplant, cauliflower
Ice Cream: Blend frozen banana and other ingredients. You can try other variant too.
Pancake: Add banana oat pancakes
Pudding: Chia seeds pudding with extra whole fruits
Chocolate: You can try dark coffee as its good for health. Recipe that you can try is chocolate mousse.
Now you got a whole list that you can try. You will now be able to eat healthier food without compromise its taste.

Wrap up: There are countless ways you can try a healthy food. Just mix and match foods, add healthier alternative in junk foods. You will fulfill craving for fast foods and you will improve its nutritional value.

15. decrease Stress Eating That Ruins Weight Loss

In today’s modern lifestyle, stress is deep ingrained. With an increase in stress, there are many health problems arising like headache, sleep disturbance, gloominess, weight gain, etc.

With an increase in stress, there is increase in stress hormone cortisol that increase appetite, craving for junk foods and augment storage of fat.

A study found that women burned fewer calories when they were encounter with stress in their preceding day.

Cut stress eating habit unconstructive impact:-

Add extra veggies to calorie impenetrable food
Add metabolic boosters like spices
Before eating take a few slow and deep take breaths
Go for post walk
Wrap up: Stress can make you overeat as it increase craving for calorie dense foods. Get rid of nervous tension and make a better food choice when planning to eat.
16. Dim the Light and Lower the Noise To Enjoy Food

A study by Cornell investigator Brain Wansink, Ph.D, found that people eating in dim light and softer music ate less calorie than people in the bright light and loud music. (29)

Dim light and soft music help them to eat slowly that prevent 8to eat more. It was also found that eating slow cool down the food that is not more appealing than temperate food.

While in bright light and loud music they rushed all the way through their meal and consumed more calories.

Wrap up: Next time at whatever time you want to eat food just dim the light and switch to soft music. You will eat less and

17. Fast or not to Fast to Lose Weight?

fast is said to help in long weight and detoxification.

But for these benefits, there is no scientific evidence yet found. Many people follow fasting for a longer period lasting for weeks and even month.

Fast for 24-48 is an act of commitment that is not done to lose weight. While fasting more than 2-3 days are found harmful and be supposed to be avoided.

Short period fasting has numerous minor side effects like dizziness, low blood sugar, headaches, fatigue. But prolonged fasting leads to anemia, liver and kidney harms, muscle breakdown, irregular heart beat, weaken immunity, etc. (30)

Fasting can disturb metabolism that controls fat burn, liable for weight gain.

Many claims are done that it’s helpful in losing weight. But the fact it quite different.

You might see minor changes in your weight but its short term. fast doesn’t help to flush toxin. Kidney, lungs, colon, liver and skin can flush toxin without the need of fast.

There is no scientific substantiation for both these beliefs.

Wrap up: Instead of fasting choose healthy diet that meet your body’s calorie and other nutrient need. Your body is able to lose load and flush toxin, when provided with required nutrient.

18. Should You Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight?

To lose weight many community skip their very important meal of the day.healthy breakfast for weight loss

There are many rumors that skipping breakfast can help to lose heaviness quickly as it prevents not needed calorie intake.

no matter what may be the meal, calories are marked as the root of the problem. But calories are not a problem, it’s the power source.

Calories are not the problem it’s the eating and serving habit that causes problem.

People complaining about weight gain due to dinner don’t have the right food for their breakfast. They are loaded with carbs and sugar and lack critical protein and fiber that curbs hunger.

There are many ways a healthy breakfast can help to lose weight, (31, 32)

Curbs hunger in few calories
Lower appetite and control craving all through the day that prevents overeating
You make better food choice
Boost metabolism that increases fat loss
These benefits are contradictory when you skip or eat detrimental and unbalanced breakfast.

A healthy breakfast ought to contain high protein and fiber, carbs, fat, vitamin and minerals.

Veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, dairy foodstuffs, meat, egg, fish, chicken, etc. are the best combination to be enjoyed in breakfast.

For weight loss or to maintain a hale and hearty weight you shouldn’t miss veggies in your breakfast.

Wrap up: Don’t skip breakfast to lose weight as it’s compulsory lose weight. You just have to eat right food in breakfast to get the desired result.

19. 3 Rule of Eating Habit For Healthy Weight

To stay healthy it is key to listen to your body’s need. You can’t neglect your body signals. If you are neglecting it then you will create an disparity and you will lose your health and gain unhealthy weight.

To perk up health, lose fat or to gain muscle there is 3 rule. If you follow it then no such dilemma will arise.

Eat frequently
Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry
Never stay hungry
These 3 rules will keep assure that body get enough nutrients and calorie for daily proper carrying out.

Your body won’t run out of energy and it will perform at its peak.
Metabolism will be high that will burn excess calorie instead of storing it.
You won’t feel the longing for calorie dense foods.
Wrap up: Follow these 3 rules and you won’t run out of energy, a reason for bigger craving for calorie dense food.

20. Add Spices To Enjoy Food with the intention of Look Tasteless

Eating healthy foods feels like dieting. And diet foods are measured as tasteless food that makes you feel sick.spice boost metabolism and make food tasty

If you want to enjoy your snack and also want to lose weight then forget about boring and tasteless food.

Added spices in your meal will feed your craving for taste and also dietary need.

Spices in veggies, grains, chicken or other mealtime add flavor that won’t remind about weight loss diet. You start enjoying eating healthy food as an alternative of calories loaded injurious foods.

Most beneficial spice that help to lose weight are

Black pepper
They don’t just provides taste to food or help you eat healthily. These spices are established boost calorie burning process that chains healthy weight loss.

Wrap up: Spices are not just for improving taste and texture of food. It can help to fulfill craving, promotes eating healthy foods along with to lose weight. Next time while preparing meal remember to add these amazing spices.

21. Heal Your Gut To Absorbs mandatory Calorie And Perfect Health

Gut flora has 10 times more bacteria than being cells in the entire body.probiotics helps to lose weight

A healthy gut flora provides guard from infections, regulates metabolism, encourage normal gastrointestinal function, and contains 75% immune system.

A healthy gut flora also provides protection from diabetes and prevent obesity.

There are two types of gut microorganisms; good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Good bacteria population provides benefits mention earlier. While an increase in bad bacteria degrades physical condition and promote weight gain.

Good bacteria only absorbs calorie that is required but bad bacteria absorbs more calorie than required. That result to fat deposit instead of consumption similar calories meal.

Tips to augment good gut bacteria:

Eat more whole food and veggies: Foods rich in fiber helps to replenish gut bacteria
Cut sugar and alcohol: Sugar and alcohol promote bad bacteria growth lower good bacteria. Cutting sugar intake and alcohol will replenish good microorganisms.
Eat fermented foods: Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and yogurt have a bulky amount of good quality bacteria.
Few gut-friendly foods apart from sauerkraut, kamahi, kefir, and yogurt:

Green Tea
Extra virgin oil
Dark chocolate
Natural cheese
Red Wine
Chicory root
Wrap up: Eat healthy that help to recover you gut flora body fitness class. With healthy gut flora you will lose weight as well get other health benefits.

22. Apple Cider Vinegar Reduce Calorie combination From Calorie Dense Meal

Apple cider vinegar is found to help in losing cider vinegar

If you want to integrate it into your routine then you can drink 1 teaspoon of vinegar with 8 ounces of water.

A study found that it blocks the absorption of starch, which results in calorie reduction from the meal.

Word of thinking: Don’t go more than 1-2 teaspoons. Also, limit dose while you are on clean eating.

Wrap up: You can use apple cider vinegar to control excess inclusion from calorie dense food. But limit its intake with healthy food as it can interfere in absorption of required calories.

23. Early Morning Activity Stimulate ordinary Body Function

If you are not planning to do any exercise early in the cock-crow, then it will be a long process to lose weight.

But there are few things can be finished to lose weight even if you don’t to go for jog or exercise…

You don’t need to do a absolute exercise, you just need to wake-up early and go for a morning walk. You can take your dog on a walk. It won’t burn more calorie but it will make you active throughout the day burning more calories than normal.

According to a new study from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, published in the journal PLOS ONE, getting early morning daylight help to lose weight. (33)

The motivation is yet not known but it is assumed as:

Boost Metabolism: It synchronizes body normal steady sleep list that helps to run metabolism efficiently.
Circadian rhythm: During morning blue light is strongest that affects circadian rhythm that allows the body to perform at optimal level. With most favorable body function, more calorie is consumed.
Wrap up: If you don’t want to go for a full body or intense workout, then just wake up early and go for walk. That will stimulate your body function to burn extra calories throughout the day.

24. Practice reflection and Gratitude To Clear Burden That Ruin Health


One of the healthiest habits that you can accept is Meditation.

Practicing rumination when you wake up, prepares you to handle stress. Stress is the reason many of today’s health issues.

Stress make you crave for insanitary foods that you might not want to eat. It’s the longing that changes you mind and you can’t get over it.

Stress brings hormonal changes that lead to behavior adjust. High cortisol hormone changes eating habit that skeleton your health.

Don’t get overflowed with stress.

Start practicing reflection and you will be able to handle any level of stress with ease.

Another thing that you can do is practice gratitude.

To live your life at fullest you need to tell again yourself the equipment that you have. You need to be thankful and happy.

You should give up the things that are holding you back, causing distress in life and forgive others and also yourself. benevolent up the pessimistic self-talk over past event will relieve lots of burdens that you may be carrying.

Get rid of those burden and you will live a blissful life, that you effusive control not depending on any situations.

You will start making a better daily life choice that will help to achieve perfect health.

Wrap up: Practice meditation and gratitude to get rid of nervous tension that is ruining your health and weight loss goal.

25. Green Tea Stimulate Fat Cells To Burn Fat

If you want a drink that can help to lose weight then you must give emerald tea a try.

It contains bio-active material like caffeine and EGCG that boost metabolism to burn the extra calorie.

EGCG inhibits the enzyme that breaks down nor epinephrine, that signals fat cells to burn fat. With an increase in norepinephrine level fat breakdown also increases. Fat cell burn more fat that is released in the bloodstream that is used as a starting place of energy. (34)

It also boosts fat burn during any physical activity to provide high energy.

Drinking green also suppress appetite that will lower the calorie intake helping to lose weight.

Wrap up: Green tea can help to lose weight when it come to losing it in vigorous way. You can stimulate fat burning progression just with a cup of green tea.

26. Your Friend Can Make Boring Stuff a Fun To Do

You and your acquaintance can help each other to direct a healthy lifestyle.

Go for a long cycling, walk or trek. You will enjoy those behavior and even lose weight.

Friends can help you in many ways to lose burden. Going for a long walk or any other trip won’t make you feel bored.

You won’t have to conciliation your weight loss goal if you don’t want to go gym. Start adding fun activities that you can enjoy.

Wrap up: Start adding actions that you can enjoy with your associates. It will help you and them to live a healthier life.

27. Brush Teeth To put off Eating After Dinner or Meal

It is a simple trick that prevent eating after dinner.brush teeth to prevent eating at night after dinner

Late night snacking can increase calorie intake that results in not needed weight gain.

Just brush teeth after banquet and it will prevent you from eating snacks. It can also be done after any meal if you want to avoid unwanted munching.

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