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Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying

We never met a french fry we didn't like, but it's best to avoid them, as healthy as fried foods in general, before a flight. Fried foods can grounds heartburn thanks to all those fats and oils, and they tend to be high in sodium, which can lead to fluid retention and cause bloat or bump in your body. Not fun.

If you're tempted to hit up your favourite burger spot before a flight to keep you full, you might want to think again. Many people have difficulty digest red meat, so in addition to embarrassment, you could treat everyone in the region of you to a pretty gross odor as your body attempts to to digest it.

Airplanes are already drying to your body to begin with, so combined with the dehydrating properties in caffeine, you could easily develop a annoyance or become nauseous.

Not to kill your vibes, but alcohol + airplanes is a gravely bad idea. It can dehydrate you and lead to you feeling hungover when you land. Is that really how you want to start your trip off?

You know by now that beans cause gas, and that's one thing when you're responsibility your own thing roughly your house, but imagine being cooped up in a tiny plane seat for hours in that situation? Not only is that not fun for you, but it's acutely bad luck for whoever ends up session next to you.

Apples might seem like a healthy choice, but all the fiber in them makes them easier said than done to digest, and you know what that means-gas and bloat.

Like beans, cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower can origin gas, so wait to nibble on them awaiting after your flight.

Not only should you steer clear of them before flying, but when the drinks cart comes down the aisle, you're best sticking with water. sparkling beverages like soda can cause gas and perhaps heartburn.

Spicy food is dishonorable for causing stomach discomfort, so if you want your flight to be as comfortable as possible, stick with incredible more bland before board.

10) GUM
While chewing gum, you let overload air into your body, which in turn causes gas and bloat. If you need to freshen your breath on-the-go, you're well again off sticking with a mint.


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