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Top 4 workouts to avoid if you're trying to lose weight

We give confidence all types of fitness, for more reasons than now weight loss. whilst weight loss is an awesome side effect of operational out and living a healthier lifestyle, exercise can benefit your brain, your mood, your sleep, and your on the whole health, too!

However, if you're focus on dropping pounds, are there types of movements you should flat-out avoid? We asked certified individual trainer John Rowley - International Sports knowledge Association (ISSA) director of wellness and founder of UX3 Nutrition - for his opinion on the matter. While we still give confidence anyone to give these workouts a shot (in fact, we love all of them!), these four might not give you the results you're look for if weight loss is your top priority.

CrossFit: "CrossFit is number one on the hit list," Rowley said in an correspondence. "The risk-to-results ratio just isn't there." If you're just opening your weight-loss journey, you likely won't have the strength to get an effective workout without injuring yourself. "It's very popular, and I can see how fun and challenging it is," he noted. "But the way the exercises are done is very hazardous, especially for someone not in tiptop shape."
Yoga: Rowley explain that yoga "has a lot of benefits, but trailing weight is not one of them." Although you'll gain strength and tone up, if you're aiming to shed pounds, "you want to work as much of your body as probable to lose weight and to arouse your metabolism," and Rowley said yoga is not the most successful way to do so.

Indoor Cycling: While indoor cycling classes are great for work out veterans, Rowley said, "they can get out of control as well," and the format of the classes can put you at risk for injury. "The rooms can get too hot, the movements can be too destructive for some, and any vigorous work out will make you hungry." More on that food shortage in the next point.

Cardio-Only Routines: Rowley said these be supposed to be avoid if your only goal is weight loss. Why? The munchies. "Cardio will help burn calories but can often make you hungry, leading to excessive calorie-consuming after workouts," putting you at a higher risk for ruin your progress. Additionally, if you're only doing cardio and not balancing with strength training, it can lead to muscle loss. "The loss of muscle destroys your metabolism; if you are going to do cardio, do it in concurrence with a well thought-out load training workout."
Again, we love (and do) each of these workouts - and you completely can lose weight doing any of them. But if your number one goal is weight loss, Rowley warned, you might want to reprioritize your workout calendar.

So what should you do? "The only way for lasting, fit weight loss that will change your body composition is through confrontation training," Rowley said. "Lifting weights stimulates your muscle; your muscles burn calories even when you are drinking and resting." We encourage you to be open to all types of workouts - get relaxed with movement of all types! But start with a good, healthy balance of strength training (as recommended by this trainer) and a bit of cardio to help build up your patience so you can keep shedding pound and crush your goals.

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