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Shilpa Shetty does a real tough asana and we’re impressed

Shilpa Shetty is often compliment for her lean and finely toned body. And the motive behind her this hour glass figure is no secret. The actor has often come out as not only a fitness freak but a yoga freak as well. She has been promote yoga through her various videos that keep flowing in on her Instagram account. On this International Yoga Day, the yoga enthusiast posted a video on her social media account and was happy concerning excelling a yoga aasan which she has be trying for long.

redistribution the video where she is seen performing the Bakasana, Shilpa wrote, "Bakasana, It's taken a lot of practice and so happy it's finally happened..Yippie , Happy World Yoga day all. The harder the struggle the more glorious the triumph Never give up World Yoga Day swa straho mastraho The Art Of Balance." We must say, Shilpa is the true mascot of yoga in India from the amusement world. For Shilpa, yoga has become a way of life and it has made her more disciplined and calm. "I didn’t take up yoga to look good. I’ve never given a good figure too much importance. Fitness was my target and one of the things that helped me realize it is yoga," Shilpa was quoted as saying in a 2015 interview to rediff .

at a distance from practicing yoga herself, Shilpa has been promote a healthy lifestyle through her health books, online fitness channel including videos that show how to do the Suryanamaskar and yoga DVD. Talking about it Shilpa said, "every now and then at the airport people come and compliment me for my yoga DVD. More than my films, municipal like my Yoga DVD as it has actually misrepresented their lives.


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