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Benefits A Yogi’s Guide to Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

Dhanurasana or Bow pose is a commanding backbend and heart opener that effectively targets and strengthens the core, back, and shoulders. As a beginner, it may look like a near-impossible posture to get into, but there are actually tips and tricks you can use to put into practice this pose safely.

Whether this is your first or your thousandth time to practice this posture, the put into practice tips, variations, plus the video lesson we’ve compiled below will help you find your way around and into this pose.
How To Do Bow Pose

Bow masquerade (Dhanurasana) is aptly named to describe the curved shape of the body, which is similar to the shape of an archer’s bow with its string long-drawn-out taut, ready to release an arrow. Maintaining a strong intention and an unwavering pledge to your expression of the pose is the key to ensuring that your arrow meets the mark!
5 Health Benefits of Bow Pose

No topic how deep you are able to go in this particular pose, it is going to offer your body amazing opening, amazing strength structure, and maybe even a little massage. Here are my top five favorite reasons to practice Bow Pose.
common misalignments in bow pose

It’s easy to make alignment mistake in this pose, some which can even lead to injury. judgment proper alignment in this pose is vital for you to reap all of the wonderful benefits that it has to offer. Here are some common misalignments in Bow Pose and how to fix them.
The Holistic Benefits of Bow Pose

holistic benefits of bow pose

Dhanurasana, or Bow Pose, resemble an archer’s bow: the arms are the string linking the torso and legs into a bow. Like an archer’s bow, this pose may look intimidating, but with practice it empowers us to be vulnerable and conquer our fears. This pose is a great way for us to discharge stress and counter the effects of slouching poor posture.
How To Do Big Toe Bow Pose (Variation)

This reviving variation of Big Toe Bow pose is a great option for the beginning of a Vinyasa class sequenced around backbends, and is also a nice way to spice up your practice. It’s also a beautiful pose to work up to the full appearance of Bow pose, with both hands reaching back and holding on to the big toes of each foot.
Bow Pose Lesson with Jess Rose

Get a good front cadaver stretch and a stronger back in this heart-opening backbend. Learn how to practice Bow sham or Dhanurasana with DOYOUYOGA Allstar Jess Rose as your guide.

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