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Best Tips Common Silly Mistakes That Can End any Happy Marriage

Every married couple does these silly mistake that can end any happy marriage. But today here I am going to tell you all those silly mistakes and How to keep your marriage a happy marriage forever.  Marriage is not a one day game, it is a bonding of a life occasion A bonding that makes two souls one. You fight, you make love and you smile together and flourish this bonding called Marriage. Marriage is such a strong connection that not only makes 2 people one, but it in point of fact makes 2 families a one big happy family. Be it in India or in any other country, the marriage is an integral part of the society. discuss below are the most common and silly mistake that can end any happy marriage.

Silly Mistakes destroying your Married Life

Why Me?

Fighting and arguing for diminutive things is what makes a marriage strong. But when the question, WHY ME? Starts buzzing your mind, understand your bond is going bad. How does it matter who comes first? How does it matter who said sorry? What matters is, you both being together smiling!

Let the Ego of “Why Me?” stay away from your mind to enjoy a blissful marriage.

Taking for Granted

 Most of the times you start intriguing your partner for granted. The hard work they do, now become a daily routine and doesn’t seem like hard work to you at all. The love, the care seem a daily thing and you start attractive all of this for granted. Sometimes a few kind words are all it takes that you care and you know. Marriage brings so many household tasks and work load and appreciation is what all humans need to keep moving.

Suspecting your Partner

Love comes with possessiveness and possessiveness most of the period bring suspicion. Suspicion is like a termite that can hollow any rapport. If you have started suspecting your partner or you feel your partner suspects you, Go on and talk. message is the only way you can bring trust back in your relationship. Don’t let feeling kill your happy married life.

Leaving Intimacy Behind

After marriage every person expects familiarity and after a few years of marriage most of couple stops giving intimacy that importance. Intimacy is just not the need of your body, being intimate is good for your largely health, be it physical, mental or emotional.

You must have heard that a hug is more than a thousand apologies. The power of touch can heal biggest wounds. To keep your marriage a healthy marriage, give consequence to intimacy and do not at any cost leave intimacy behind. You are never old to show your love to your partner.

I, Me and Myself

The ego of I, me and myself is another frequent mistake that can ruin any happy marriage. Marriage is about you two, and never about I, me and myself. You give importance to your work, to your likes and dislikes and completely forget your partner. Marriage is like a two wheel vehicle, to keep this two wheel vehicle poignant you need to balance. You need to have equal space and equivalent respect. Next time you plan something, make sure it is not about just you but for you both.

Your Parents

Marriage is not just in relation to you two, it is a bond between two families. Most of the times while talking you acknowledge your partner’s parents as “your parents”. Remember after marriage, they are a part of your family and are now your parents as well. Giving your partner’s parents the respect, warmth and love is what every marriage needs. These small gestures you do with your partner’s parents are a big thing for your partner. But we habitually don’t give this thing any importance.

I hope you will reassess these silly mistakes which have become a part of your daily routine that were slowly ending your beautiful happy marriage. Try to keep these silly mistakes away beginning your life and marriage. Have a big married life.

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