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Store Lemons Without Losing Any Juice

If your spirit animal is Titus Andromedon or Beyonce, you love lemonade. However, you cannot make lemonade with hard lemons. Lemons are a great fruit that make astounding beverages, taste great in food, work as beauty products, and can spotless your apartment but you have got to use them as fast as possible. I have always desirable a lesson on how to store lemons as I can by no means use them as quickly as I need to.

How to store lemons is dependent on how they are cut, so here is the how-to on preserve lemons when they are whole versus when they are cut.

According to the Kitchn, storing lemons in a basin in your kitchen is actually the worst place to store them. This is because they will only last a week in the open air. Their fix? Place your lemons in a zip lock bag, squish the air out, and amass it in the fridge. This will remain your lemons full of juice for weeks.

Storing Cut Lemons

Lemons so as to are cut is a similar process that I learned from my mom. The major goal here is to keep air away from the lemon, especially when they are cut. The best way to do this is to take plastic wrap and wrap them around the lemon slices. Then, to utilize the tip from the Kitchen again, take those pieces and keep them in a baggie in the fridge. Once they are cut though, do try to use them in a appropriate manner.

Using these tricks will help remain your lemons fresh and juicy for when you are wanting lemonade. How to store lemons is not a hard trick to learn. You can also apply these same tricks for limes and other citrus fruits. Now go grasp some lemons, put on a fair dress, and sip on a little lemonade.

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