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Best Awesome Tips for a Beautiful Life

Take a walk each day, and smile. This is your natural antidepressant

Have a 10-minute fracture every day. In silence, of course.

Pray in the sunrise to ask God’s guidance for your day.

Eat provisions that grows on treas and plants, and stay away from processed foods.

Drink water and emerald tea. Indulge in blueberries, broccoli and almonds.

Make people smile each day.

Save your force. You don’t need any gossips, energy vampires, past issues, negativity and things that are simply out of your control. Invest your energy in helpful thoughts.

Your breakfast should be fit for a king, have lunch as if you were a prince, and dine like a college kid with no money.

Life may be unfair at several points, but it’s absolutely awesome.

Don’t hate people, and forgive each one.

Don’t go too hard on yourself. You’re the only person that takes you so seriously.

You can’t be exact all the time, and agree to disagree. Not every argument is yours.

Learn how to live through your past to protect your present.

Never measure up to yourself to others. Each of us has a different journey.

You’re the master of your happiness.

‘In five years, will this matter?’ understand this more often, especially when dealing with ‘disasters.’

Help others, and be a ‘Giver.’

Don’t stress over other people’s opinion about you.

Time is the ultimate healer.

Even the worst situations change.

Your job won’t pacify the sick you. Socialize more often, and spend more time with your friends.

Envy ‘kills’ you. You have what you need right there, next to you.

Pray to God earlier than you go to bed, and thank Him for your accomplishments.

You’re too blessed to be stressed, remember that.

Share this with others, and construct them happy.


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