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Best Tips Egg Health Benefits Nutrition Myth Weight Loss with Egg

Egg Nutrition
Eggs are packed with high protein. It is not only recognized for its protein pleased but also admired due to its high nutrient content.egg colorless and yolk-nutrition,health benefits, body house and weight loss

Protein: Protein is the most imperative nutrient for cell expansion and to repair wear and tear of damage cells. A whole egg contains 6.3g of protein ( white-3.6g, yolk 2.7g of protein). So if you want complete benefits of egg you power not miss its yolk that is equally dear as egg white.

Sodium: Sodium is an vital electrolyte. Maintaining the equilibrium of ions level in the body is important. Thus, it maintains a fluid level of cells. Also, it is compulsory for a healthy heart, common sense and also prevents lack of moisture. It contains Approx. 60mg of sodium.
Vitamin A: Important for eyesight, normal bone development, strong skin and immune system. It is also best antioxidants that reduce the risk of free essential which cause ageing and cancer.
Vitamin D: Important nutrients that promote bone and teeth progress. Without Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorous cannot be wrapped up. So it plays a noteworthy role of captivating and supply of calcium in the body.
Vitamin E: It is imperative antioxidants that prevent cell damage caused due to free radicals. It is also necessary for the development of the cell membrane.
Vitamin B: Vitamin B6 and B12 plays an important role in the development of red blood cells. Folate plays an important role in prevent neural tube defect in uterus thus prevents birth defects.
Fat: Dietary fat is important for normal body progress and functioning. Egg yolk is rich in dietary fat i.e. Omega 3 and Omega 6. They are important for cell maturity and many more fitness repayment. Since the yolk is rich in Omega 3 & 6 you can eat the yolk along with egg white. If cholesterol is the problem, then you can eat only 1 whole egg daily. It will not harm you if you eat 1 egg daily along with its yolk.
Calcium: It is essential for bone, teeth and cell improvement.
Selenium: Selenium is important for antioxidants and also protect from important metal poison.
Carbs: It source of energy during the calisthenics.
Cholesterol – Do drinking Eggs Yolk destruction You

It’s everyone’s concern that eggs are not in good physical shape food due to its high cholesterol level. An egg yolk contains 200 mg of cholesterol.

The American Heart organization recommend only 300 mg of cholesterol.

But yolk contains dietary cholesterol, which is not a major risk factor for health. The first-rate reason to eat yolk is Omega 3 & Omega 6.

Egg yolk contains a good amount of Omega 3 which is needed to burn fat effectively and loses weight. Thus, you can gain benefits of yolk with Omega 3. Omega 6 promote a healthy heart.

If you are facing cholesterol problem, then you can eat 1 total egg daily. in attendance is no harm in eating 1 egg daily.

Include a whole egg with yolk and other just white portion. It will lessen the intake cholesterol that is in attendance in the yolk.

3 Myths of fat loss
1. Egg yolk is not healthy

It’s only a myth that eggs yolk is not healthy. The yolk contains high dense nutrients.

It contains high vitamin, mineral, omega 3, omega 6 and high protein alike as egg white. So it can’t be unhealthy due to its rich nutrient pleased.

2. Fat is too Bad

All fat are not made regularly. There harmful fats that are to be avoided.

There are many good fats desirable for proper functioning of the body. as an alternative, good fats promote weight loss.

Egg contain good fat such as Omega 3 & Omega 6.

3. Cholesterol is always bad and Harmful

It is not that cholesterol that is bad and hurtful. There are two types of cholesterol bad and good.

Good cholesterol known as HDL is needed for appropriate body function. It is important as it provides insulation to nerve cells in the brain and also build and repair cells.

It is the bad cholesterol acknowledged as LDL that affects the health and be supposed to be avoided.

Health benefits of Eating Egg White and Yolk
Provides High Protein to build muscle
Good source of carbs important for quick power supply
Variety of Vitamin and sandstone
Proper Bone enlargement
Promotes Weight Loss

Super food for Pre Workout and Post calisthenics


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