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Tips Low Calorie Pasta Recipe for the Health Conscious

Low Calorie Pasta Recipe

When you reflect of healthy food, a creamy bowl of pasta certainly does not feature on the list. The traditional pasta recipe is full of starch, cheese, and butter. even though tasty and smooth, the health conscious folk usually pass over this famous Italian dish. But with a little bit of modernism and effort, you can prepare in good physical shape and flavourful pasta at home. Here’s how you can make a Low Calorie Pasta that is healthy too.

Step 1 -Use Whole Grain to Prepare Fresh Pasta

Dried and pre-packaged pasta sold in supermarkets is principally made from Maida. Although you have the option to purchase whole-wheat pasta, it is not as readily available. However, if you can prepare fresh pasta at home, you have the variety to customize the ingredient as per your preference.

With KENT Noodle and Pasta Maker, you can quickly prepare fresh pasta and strands of spaghetti within minutes.  Find below the ingredient you will need to formulate multigrain pasta dough

Ingredients needed

1 cup of Whole Wheat Flour
½ cup of Oat Flour
1-2 Tablespoon of Flaxseeds fine particles
2- Tablespoon of Olive Oil
2- eggs
Pinch of salt
Teaspoon of sugar
Water as required.
Method to make whole grain Pasta

Place the pasta machine on the kitchen counter. Now, press the button to release the lid of the main mixing compartment.
The first ingredient that will go is the Wheat flour, followed by oat flour. After that add the remaining that includes- flaxseeds powder, olive oil, eggs, sugar, and salt.
close up the lid and turn on the pasta machine. As the mixer starts churning the ingredients, start adding the water from the top to make a dough of the desired consistency.
As soon as the dough is prepared, use any of the 6 influential dies to get pasta in the desired shape.
For a detailed use of the appliance, click here.
Step 2- Boil the Pasta

 The next step involves sweltering the pasta. Fill water in a pan and put it on the gas for boiling. Once the water starts rippling, add the fresh pasta and cover it with a lid. To prevent the pasta from sticking to one another add a little bit of oil in the scorching water.

Let the fresh pasta cook in the boiling water for 6 to 7 minutes. following than drain and water and collect the freshly cooked pasta in a strainer.

Step 3- Prepare the Pasta Sauce
The richness of pasta is unwavering by its sauce. There are two types of pasta sauce- White Sauce and Arrabbiata sauce. Of the two, white sauce is regarded very rich. For the calorie, conscious people here is a simple and quick way to organize tangy and flavourful arrabbiata sauce –

Ingredients needed-

2 cups of chopped tomatoes
2 –Teaspoon of finely chopped garlic
1- Tablespoon of olive oil
Italian Seasoning
Chilli Flaxes
Freshly ground pepper
Salt to taste
Method to make Pasta Sauce

Place an open pan of wok on high flame. Once the pan is burning enough, turn the flame to medium.
After that add the olive oil and immediately add the garlic. As soon as the garlic becomes aromatic, add the fresh tomato to the pan. Cover the pan with the lid and let it simmer.
Keep stirring the tomatoes till they are completely safe to eat through.
Now it’s time add the Italian seasoning, chili flaxes, ground pepper, and salt.
Finally, add the freshly boil pasta into the pan and give it a good toss.
Step 4  Garnish
Once you relocate the pasta to a bowl, garnish the dish with low-fat cheese and basil levels. Serve the pasta while it’s still blistering.

You can accompany this past dish with a beaker of chardonnay. This easy to prepare and quick pasta recipe will healthily satiate your taste buds. You don’t have to worry about mounting unnecessary calories. All the ingredient used in this recipe are very nutritious. The oatmeal and flax seeds make the pasta very fibrous, whereas the tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C, K, and folate.

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